Monday, August 14, 2006

[note* insert witty title here before publishing]

Good monday, good tidings, and all around good times to you and yours on this fine August 14.

It strikes me that this would be a good time to address the thing that I'm suuuure you're all curious about: my travel plans.

Will I still be going on a roadtrip across the country? ...yes. But in an effort to avoid the cruel midwestern sun - I love AC (note: AC is NOT a city in Jersey) - I'll be waiting until the fall & the calm repose it

Will I still be coming back from said roadtrip? my grandmother would say - it's depend.

There. Now that that's out in the open.

This weekend, The Rebel Yell will be blogging live (via BlackBerry) from glamorous Montreal, Canada. Follow various scandalous exploits here...and maybe on Cops Canada & Canada's Most Wanted.

See you in the funny pages...

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