Friday, August 11, 2006

Breaking news from the BBC...and Gizmodo

"Just under one-fourth of DVD sales by 2010 will be high definition discs"

At least according to one study ( This isn't like cd's, or regular old fashioned digital video discs - this is 1080p for 1080p's sake.

Sure, I'd love to replace my DVD library with the new discs - but which one to choose? Blu-Ray? I do like the color blu. But what about HD DVD? Isn't there room for a little love there, too?

As far as I'm concerned, Sony and Toshiba (among others) - you should be ashamed of yourselves. When two media juggernauts like yourselves go to war over ownership of the new standard in home video formatting - it's US that lose out. Because you two don't feel like getting along - you're forcing studios and retailers into deals that, in the long term, may end up keeping your discs out of the hands of people who don't want to fork up $30/movie (not to mention the cost of the player - one for each format - and the 1080p-capable television, without which this is all useless).

The biggest question still looms. Which one of you two is the Betamax of a new generation.

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