Monday, August 28, 2006

A Case of The Mondays

There are generally three constants to my (week)days:

1) An early morning blog crawl.

This usually consists of various smut ridden, celebrity related, paparazzi-themed stuff that does nothing but provide eye candy to wake me up. Also, I throw in pinch ze frank, a dash of Rocketboom, and a big giant glob of my favorite podcast out there: Merriam-Webster's "Word of The Day", for good measure. Oh, and Amanda UnBoomed isn't bad, either.

2) Dunkin Donuts.

Consisting of either a hot coffee w/cream and sugar - or an iced coffee, with the same treatment. This is a hugely important part of my day - to the point where last weekend in Montreal, I plugged "Dunkin Donuts" into Google Maps Mobile on my BlackBerry - and got me some coffee, dammit.

3) Kempo.

Just about every day that isn't a weekend one - and sometimes on those, too - I can be found at Craig's Kempo Karate Academy in Watertown, MA. Mind, body, and spirit.

On this oh-so-drab Monday AM, I though I'd take a moment and share some of my day with you all, my Lovelies. For no other reason than it seemed like a good idea while I had my coffee during this morning's jaunt through the blogosphere.

See you in the funny pages...

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