Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeling groovy?

So I finally signed up for IMDb Pro today. Don't ask why. Ask why not(?). So far, I love it. If anyone ever needs to know how high Hilary Duff is on the STARmeter, let me know (though I may relentlessly mock you for a while before giving you the info you're looking for).

In other news. This isn't a "What The?!?" Award, and it's not a links post - but I really want to 'share' this video with you:

In other news: look for The Rebel Yell's new vlog (tentatively called "Rebel Yell Live" (thoughts?) to premiere over and around the first weekend of September, when I'll be 'casting from the Canadian National Comic Book Expo, in Toronto.

Oh, and if anyone's seen Snakes On A Plane - please let me know how it was. Being that I was in Canada last weekend, I missed its bow.

See you in the funny pages...

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