Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 29

Hindsight is always 20/20. For this reason I give you a selection of the best bad songs from the 90s:

"What Is Love?" - Haddaway
Start the head-tilt move. You damn well know the one I mean.

"The Sign" - Ace of Bass
Picture every drunken night during which you and your droogies have belted this song out loud, while sloshing your drink all over yourself in an effort to both pump your fist and chug at the same time.

"Another Night" - Real McCoy
If you've ever actually done what I mentioned in the last blurb, you should just go to a karaoke bar and admit your folly. Jerk.

"Be My Lover" - La Bouche
You're still here? No, really, go and order your Bud Light (it's after 10 somewhere), and start singing "Sweet Caroline" or something. Jerk.

"I Like To Move It" - Reel 2 Reel
I actually like this song, and refuse to make any allusions to a lack of redeemable quality, therein. Who's the jerk, now?

The Clincher:
"Dazzy Duks" - Duice
It's a live version, the actual video is blocked for "inappropriate content". Go figure.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend BBQs. (+3)

Returning to work after Memorial Day Weekend BBQs. (-2)

The return of rain. (-2)

At least the rain waited until AFTER the aforementioned BBQs. Thanks, rain. (even)

About to take my last Claritin D. (-3)

Stella's BBQ Chicken Pizza. (+2)

Heaven help me - Netflix is amazing. (+2)

A rendezvous, a weight - lifted. (even)

This Week's Total: (even)
Last Week's Total: (+7)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 22

"The Show" - Lenka
The only two things that stand right the heck out about this track are that it should either be accompanied by a Meredith Grey voice-over, or be on the soundtrack to Diablo Cody's next movie.

"Four Kicks" - Kings of Leon
These guys continue to impress me.

"The '59 Sound" (acoustic) - The Gaslight Anthem
My favorite version of my second favorite song off their second, but best, record.

"21 Guns" - Green Day
I instinctively resent all Green Day since Dookie - but this track has actually made me pay close attention to their latest effort. Not bad, I say.

"I Do Not Hook Up" - Kelly Clarkson
If you have a problem with it, you are wrong.

"Somebody That I Used To Know" - Elliott Smith
There is no deeper meaning, here. This is just a fantastic song that iTunes' smart-as-a-whip "party shuffle" mode popped on just before I put "Push It" by Salt n' Pepa up here again. Word.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 20

Dear 24, if you want to know how to end a season, see every finale Lost has ever done. Then fire whatever ass-hat came up with the crappity-crap-tastic "cliffhanger" that happened on Monday night. You suck. Love, Bauer_Lvr2003 (-4)

I have finally succumbed to the Netflix free trial offer. Heaven help me. (even)

New Green Day starting to grow on me. Dookie, it ain't - but not Nimrod, neither. (+1)

Reading books in the driveway with the living room end-table at my right, cradling my scotchy-scotch-scotch with simple, effortless, grace. Hooray for Tuesday Book Club. (+2)

Um. When does Mad Men come back? (even)

D-Day is reading this. (+5)

Renewal, rejuvination, a breath of fresh air. Take from that what you will. (+3)

This Week's Total: (+7)
Last Week's Total: (-3)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Allergic Haiku

You're back again, then?
Coffee tastes like Claritin.
New Green Day is lame.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 15

"Cotopaxi" - The Mars Volta
I've never heard any other song by this band that I like - but this one, I do like. So it's found it's way into a Friday Music Special. Not much more to it than that.

"Nights of The Week" - Apes and Androids
Aside from the fact that they have a ridiculously baller name, I know nothing about this band. Nor have I bothered to Google/Wiki them. Nor do I plan to.

"And So I Watch You From Afar" - Set Guitars To Kill
Again with the baller name, again with the non-knowing thing. A trend is developing in the FMS this week. This track feels like the ultimate cross between a Nintendo soundtrack, and a late-night Wendy's run.

"This Sweet Love" - James Yuill
Like a remixed, slightly poppier Eliot Smith, enough so that I might actually listen to a whole album. Also, this song should probably be on the soundtrack to the next movie Zach Braff is in.

"Sorrow's Army" - Graham Coxon
Easily my favorite track of the week. If you don't like this, you are wrong.

Zach Braff?
"Superman" - Lazlo Bane
Because you saw it coming.

PS - I guess we can call this "My One Hit Wonders FMS"?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 13

Sidewalk bicyclers still not getting the message. I will jam my cane through your spokes and flip your stupid, broken ankle ramming two-wheeled death machine over. Get on the road, or stay the frak away from the guy with the limp and the walking stick. (-4)

Semester ending. (even)

Final papers due. (-1)

Star Trek. (see previous post)

Lost Season 5 finale is tonight. This fills me with earnestness. It's important to look earnest, right? (+2)

Lost Season 5 finale is tonight. This makes me sad. Cold, I feel. (-1)

All your camel are belong to us. (+1)

This Week's Total: (-3)
Last Week's Total: (+3)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear J.J. & Co.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 8

"Stone Cold Sober" - Paloma Faith
Starts out slow. Give it a minute - 'cause it breaks into a fairly slick mixture of Basement Jaxx & Esthero, covered in a thin layer of Marva Whitney. And that is NO bad thing.

"Back In The Game" - Jamie T
The heaviest British accent I've heard from a singer for some time. I'm fairly certain that I went to high school with this Cat, and that he's just faking that Cockney nonsense. Even still, if Jack Johnson had grown up surfing The Scottish instead of The North Shore - here's what he'd sound like.

"I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" - Arctic Monkeys
Easily my favorite track of this week, and the best track to break the Friday morning funk. Crank it and tip your head to the person sitting next to you, even if the song doesn't apply to them.

"Stereo Flow" - Dada, Harris & Obernik
The making of a Friday Music Special is a very subtle art. You can't blow it out of the water. No shark-jumping allowed, got that chief? As such is the case, this is an excellent follow up to the previous tune. Bug out in your cube. You know you wanna.

"We Cry" - The Script (Radio1 Live Lounge)
I'm a massive fan of the Radio1 Live Lounge sessions, and this most recent one is no exception to the general goodness that comes out of that little drop-tile ceilinged room.

"Shimmy Shimmy Ya" - O.D.B.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 6

It's Wednesday. For us fanboys, that's a sabbath of sorts. New comics, über-dorkery on the rise. (+2)

Have I mentioned that Star Trek is coming out this week? And that J.J. Abrams directed it? And that Michael Giacchino did the music? Really? I can't believe I haven't mentioned this. Well. Now that's taken care of. (+2)

Because the news needed something else to talk about, and the vast conspiracy of dunces that controls the world needed a new way to force the plebs into some form of panic: swine flu. For evidence of the conspiracy, see the video below. (even)

The cloud of lameness that has fallen over campus today, as discussed with other Aero-heads. (-2)

Lost Season 5. Only three episodes left before the very looong hiatus. Ugh. (-3)

The Tudors Season 3, on now. Dexter Season 4, coming soon. (+2)

WWCBD. It's a mantra. (+2)

This Week's Total: (+3)
Last Week's Total: (+10)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Because It's Happening Soon

And because after last night's Celtics game...I needed the pick-me-up.

Monday, May 04, 2009

An Allergic Haiku

Oh Claritin D
Know what you have done today
Pollen go away

Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 1

This week's song choices have been brought to you by a fellow music aficionado, with blurbage by yours truly. Enjoy!

"Keep Your Eyes Ahead" - The Helio Sequence
This feels like either a montage scene from, or the end credits to, every John Cusack movie made prior to 1999. And as that's the case, this feels pretty frakkin' good.

"Mirando" - Ratatat
If my life were a Nintendo movie (or even a Sega Genesis one) I'd want this song to be the soundtrack to every level where I was walking around collecting stars, or coins, or princesses or whatever. Plus, the video is fairly slick. Have a look-see.

"Kim and Jessie" - M83
A little less pre-1999 John Cusack, and a little more Zach Braff circa Garden State - still, good stuff. Also, this song would make a really crappy cell phone ring. Sorry, folks.

"Atlas" - Battles
Easily the best track off of the album, plus the video makes you feel like either breaking out your old Erector Set and going to town, or maybe just throwing on a Fraggle Rock DVD and seeing what happens when you try and go all Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of The Moon with this song.

"It's A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes" - The Black Heart Processional
First of all, this is probably the longest song title to ever appear on a Friday Music Special. This really doesn't signify much, and certainly doesn't garner any special credit aside from the previous sentence, and this one explaining it. Good track, though.

"JFK Rap" - Brad Neely
If I'd had this to refer to during my high school history class - things might have gone much, much differently.