Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anyone Feel Me?

Last Friday night I attended a round of mixed martial arts fights in Revere, MA (www.wfl.tv). Before the fights began, and during the breaks between a few rounds, several amateur rappers took to the ring and endeavored to entertain us.

So help me, never have I ever been so horrified at a live 'musical' act. Throughout high school and college I played in a few different bands, and I've seen some...variety...in terms of bands and beat makers. This past Friday was the first time that I could scarcely stand to stay seated, and not start throwing steel chairs into the ring a la WWE.

What is it about amateur rappers, and musicians in general, that make them think they have to scream as insanely as they can into any microphone in front of them to sound good? Why is it so many amateur rappers spend soooo much time talking about what they're going to do, or about to do, or are in the process of doing - but so little time telling you what they've done?

Personally, I think it's because they, like many of their professional counterparts, are full of shit.

Don't misunderstand. I like rap quite a bit. It's just that my idea of quality hip-hop and rap doesn't usually extend to the likes of what I saw last Friday night.

I remember, way back when, buying my first NWA album. Mix in some Wu-Tang. A little Tribe. Hell, even a little bit of Jay-Z and Nas. Maybe some Biggie. Maybe even som 'pac. But please. Pretty please. Hold the Luda, and the Em, and hand over the 2 quarters making up your 50 cents to me...I'm 'bout to feed that meter.


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