Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The 'New' Rocketboom: Hit or miss?

I'm not really one for calling out what I think may be 'failings' of a sort, out there in the world wide blog/vlog world...ok...yes I am, and with good reason it would seem...

A while back I started avidly watching Rocketboom (for those of you unfamiliar with it, check out the wiki entry here).

For a while, it was good. Then for a while, it was great. Much of this was due to original host Amanda Congdon's throughly delectable demeanor. Ms. Congdon has an uncanny talent for mixing her natural aptitudes in satire and sarcasm with just enough skill as a 'newscaster' to let slip by unnoticed the fact that you've just watched a 3 minute video about omnidirectional forklifts.

But for whatever reason, all that has changed.

In a 'classic' he-said, she-said mud-slinging-via-blog match, Congdon was/says she was unceremoniously dismissed from Rocketboom. What gives?

The rub lies here: sure, new host Joanne Colan is good times. Sure she's just as easy on the eyes. But what the hell is wrong with Rocketboom lately? Ok - yes, I do think it's interesting that Iraqi taxi drivers are vlogging. I do think that famed olympic sport of speedwalking is funny to watch Colan engage in, especially somewhere in Central Park. But c'mon. Where are the cheesy production values that I'd come to adore? Where are the shots of Joanne Colan spinning around in that chair, in front of that world map?

Don't get me wrong, I'm still giving Rocketboom a chance becauseI'm all for trying new things, but Rocketboom, if y'all don't pick up the pace real soon - you'll be off my iTunes Podcasts list quicker than Amish folk on a BlackBerry.

See you in the funny pages...

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