Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Music Special, May 1

This week's song choices have been brought to you by a fellow music aficionado, with blurbage by yours truly. Enjoy!

"Keep Your Eyes Ahead" - The Helio Sequence
This feels like either a montage scene from, or the end credits to, every John Cusack movie made prior to 1999. And as that's the case, this feels pretty frakkin' good.

"Mirando" - Ratatat
If my life were a Nintendo movie (or even a Sega Genesis one) I'd want this song to be the soundtrack to every level where I was walking around collecting stars, or coins, or princesses or whatever. Plus, the video is fairly slick. Have a look-see.

"Kim and Jessie" - M83
A little less pre-1999 John Cusack, and a little more Zach Braff circa Garden State - still, good stuff. Also, this song would make a really crappy cell phone ring. Sorry, folks.

"Atlas" - Battles
Easily the best track off of the album, plus the video makes you feel like either breaking out your old Erector Set and going to town, or maybe just throwing on a Fraggle Rock DVD and seeing what happens when you try and go all Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of The Moon with this song.

"It's A Crime I Never Told You About The Diamonds In Your Eyes" - The Black Heart Processional
First of all, this is probably the longest song title to ever appear on a Friday Music Special. This really doesn't signify much, and certainly doesn't garner any special credit aside from the previous sentence, and this one explaining it. Good track, though.

"JFK Rap" - Brad Neely
If I'd had this to refer to during my high school history class - things might have gone much, much differently.

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