Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Fortnight's Delights

So it's a pretty good couple of weeks for movies. I haven't been to, or seen, as many as I'd have liked over the past several months, but if the next several weeks' releases are any indication, I'll soon have spandex and sci-fi and retconning galore to assuage me.

First up, naturally, is Wolverine Origins. The trailers have looked solid, thus far. And no. No I did not download the workprint that appeared all over the bit-torrent world some weeks back. The old me might have downloaded it, and ruined the cinema experience. But that was the old me. This new me is looking forward to a gigantic popcorn, a tub of cola, and an ass-grooved seat to park it in for at least two solid hours while I watch Dr. Cox's bane do his thing. Damn. That's good.

Next up is Star Trek. Originally, I was less than thrilled that this would be a prequel. Don't get me wrong. Classic Trek is fantastic. But I grew up with TNG airing new episodes every week, not Kirk and crew. Then there was the fact that Matt Damon turned down the lead as ol' James T. That hurt a bit, but Chris Pine seems about right, judging just from the TV spots I've seen. Pitch-perfect Zachary Quinto, spot-on Zoe Saldana, and all the rest (including you, Harold) all look their parts, and all have chops on some level. Plus there's the J.J. Abrams factor. Talk about the midas touch. All this, plus the fact that Michael Giacchino wrote the score makes me feel all tingly inside. I'm tempted to say "beam me up", but naaahhhh...

Now as for the following weeks, both Terminator and Angels & Demons are set to bow. The two of these are, right now, balancing each other out in terms of generating any warm and fuzzies. Here's hoping that Terminator (the movie) is better than Terminator (the tv show), and that Ron Howard had the good sense to cut Robert Langdon's hair. That euro-mullet isnt' the "demon", is it?

See you in the funny papers...

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