Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 6

It's Wednesday. For us fanboys, that's a sabbath of sorts. New comics, über-dorkery on the rise. (+2)

Have I mentioned that Star Trek is coming out this week? And that J.J. Abrams directed it? And that Michael Giacchino did the music? Really? I can't believe I haven't mentioned this. Well. Now that's taken care of. (+2)

Because the news needed something else to talk about, and the vast conspiracy of dunces that controls the world needed a new way to force the plebs into some form of panic: swine flu. For evidence of the conspiracy, see the video below. (even)

The cloud of lameness that has fallen over campus today, as discussed with other Aero-heads. (-2)

Lost Season 5. Only three episodes left before the very looong hiatus. Ugh. (-3)

The Tudors Season 3, on now. Dexter Season 4, coming soon. (+2)

WWCBD. It's a mantra. (+2)

This Week's Total: (+3)
Last Week's Total: (+10)

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