Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quality of Life Index, May 20

Dear 24, if you want to know how to end a season, see every finale Lost has ever done. Then fire whatever ass-hat came up with the crappity-crap-tastic "cliffhanger" that happened on Monday night. You suck. Love, Bauer_Lvr2003 (-4)

I have finally succumbed to the Netflix free trial offer. Heaven help me. (even)

New Green Day starting to grow on me. Dookie, it ain't - but not Nimrod, neither. (+1)

Reading books in the driveway with the living room end-table at my right, cradling my scotchy-scotch-scotch with simple, effortless, grace. Hooray for Tuesday Book Club. (+2)

Um. When does Mad Men come back? (even)

D-Day is reading this. (+5)

Renewal, rejuvination, a breath of fresh air. Take from that what you will. (+3)

This Week's Total: (+7)
Last Week's Total: (-3)

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