Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quality of Life Index, August 6

Water falling from sky. (-4)

People that forget how to drive when 'water falling from sky'. (-4)

The Dark Knight in IMAX. Fine job, Christopher Nolan et al. (+5)

Steve Jobs' email about the MobileMe fiasco. Proof positive that even mighty Apple's back can break when carrying that one extra straw. (even)

John McCain vs. Paris Hilton. Is anyone having flashbacks to that scene in Old School, when Blue wrestles the naked girls covered in baby oil? I mean - it's not exactly the same - Paris will probably wear a shirt or something - but still. (+3)

Tommy Hilfiger's wedding called off. The split is said to be amicable. This actually doesn't affect me at all, nor will it until I read a story about how Hilfiger has gone nuts, starting stalking Bruce Willis (or anyone else), begun a self-destructive addiction to Cosmopolitans (or Amaretto Sours, or wine coolers), and colored his entire line black - and then torn all the clothes in mourning. Maybe, then. (_)

Katy Perry. Sorry, Luv - I'm really starting to hate that fucking song. (-3)

Every radio station and magazine and CD store, for making me start to hate that fucking song. (-2)

This Week's Total: (-5)
Last Week's Total: (+3)

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