Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Guide For Piracy

In a previous life, I researched reasons why Bit Torrents were good for Business, and why file-swapping was generally good for life. I recall a medium-length report delivered to some Uppity Ups detailing how 'yes, people are sure to use this razzle-dazzle technology for shameful things, but really - if they pay us for the software to do it, who the heck cares?'. I'm uncertain of how I feel, as a musician and writer, about the free sharing of information. But as a music lover - shit, if I had to pay for everything I wanted on my iPod - my checking account would be in even more dire straits than it is now. 

With the above argument steadily in hand - I feel at least equipped to deal with the folks that would call me 'thief'. Now I can confidently posit that I'm not a thief. I'm a pirate. And who doesn't like a pirate?

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Anonymous said...

so true