Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Music Special, August 29

"Baditude" - Spoon, Harris and Obernik
I've wanted to post this for weeks, and today just happens to be the day. Listen. Get fired up. Dance in your cube. Y'know - if you have a cube.

"Sit And Wonder" - The Verve
Yes. More, The Verve. But it's really good. It feels like a good soundtrack song. Like you should be driving the highway with the top down, slowly. Either that or you should be on a two-day trip.

"Ten Day" - Tortoise
This is just a crazy track. Best use of a xylophone since, well, Sesame Street.

"Bones" - Editors
I don't even care that it's a U2 ripoff. I don't. I just care that it feels the same way that it did when I first heard Achtung Baby.

"Death" - White Lies
Another stellar track from these guys. The video doesn't feel quite right, especially the whole no faces thing - but the track abides. 

"5 Years Time" - Noah and The Whale
You go ahead and tell me that this song doesn't look, smell, taste, and feel like the sound of your favorite 80's movie, wrapped in junior high, and coated in sugar. Just go ahead. 

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