Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outside South Station

Let's paint a picture. Sitting at a downtown intersection, I observed the following:

- Man starts to walk across the street (four-way intersection).
- Police SUV trying to take a right at the intersection, where the 'right' would intersect the crosswalk Man was using, stops just a foot or so short of Man's left leg.
- Driver of Police SUV, likely a Police Officer, leans on horn until Man backs up to the sidewalk.
- Man looks at Police Officer.
- Police Officer stares down Man, then points at him, then points at "Don't Walk" signal.
- Man looks at signal, doesn't care, looks back at Police Officer.
- Police Officer guns it through the intersection and speeds away.
- Man crosses street. While doing so, Man looks at me, rolls his eyes, and looks in the direction Police Officer sped off.

Riddle me this: who is in the wrong? Better yet, if my place, and the place of the Police SUV were reversed - would the answer be the same?

Also of note: large sign reading "Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk" was present. 

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limeduck said...

The scary thing is, I've seen similar behavior by bicyclists.