Thursday, May 08, 2008

We're Not In Indy Anymore

True to form, I saw Iron Man last weekend. For Marvel's first foray into self-produced live action film, this was a strong showing. Well shot & well acted - mostly due to R.D. Jr's ability to always seem as if he's talking to himself, even when someone else is on his screen. 

Probably the biggest disappointment of the film came in the 15 minutes before it, during the trailer for the new Indiana Jones flick. Really? That's it? Teasers for months on end, competition from Heath Ledger doing his chalk-faced freak-fest, and Cate Blanchett...and that's the best you could do for a 3 minute preview? The resounding chatter, post trailer, was that this could not have been for real. Maybe it was an SNL parody? Samburg strikes back?


Sadly, no. 

George Lucas has fallen so far from grace, I wasn't sure it was possible for me to be MORE disappointed in the man - way to prove me wrong, GL. Time for you to pull a Wachowski, and hide 'til the storm has passed.

Lucas' reps claim he was 'unavailable for comment'. I did some digging & discovered the sad, sad truth.

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The Rickowski said...

I can't believe you shit on Indiana Jones, Heath Ledger, and George Lucas all in one blog.

What are you going to do for your encore ? Burn the American flag while defiling the Statue of Liberty ?

Bad trailer don't mean bad movie, dude.