Thursday, May 22, 2008

2008 Thus Far (a la The Dig)

  • New job @ MIT. (+5)
  • New car. Semi-efficient SUV. (+5)
  • New apartment. Finally living in 'hometown'. (+10)
  • Admitted to hospital w/suspicious symptoms. (-10)
  • Symptoms identified as "chicken pox" (-5)
  • Spend birthday in hospital. Nurses wear masks and gloves. There are also balloons. This is not like it was in my dream.(-5)
  • Infectious Diseases pays a visit. (-3)
  • Students are fascinated by the twenty-something with chicken pox. Many groups pay visits. (even)
  • Released from hospital.(+5)
  • Quarantined in new apartment for 2.5 weeks. (even)
  • Discover glitch in MIT payroll policy. Possible to borrow vacation time. Not possible to borrow sick time. Paycheck suffers greatly. (-10)
  • Due to stress of chicken pox, liver is enflamed. Unable to consume alcohol or engage in contact sports. (-6)
  • Pollen count rises. Tissue expense follows suit. (-3)
  • Enflamed liver back to normal. (+3)
  • Due to stomach problems, tested for Coeliac Disease. Possibility of never consuming gluten again, looms. (-9)
  • Coeliac test is negative. Drink scotch. Feel good. (+5)
  • Plan summer escape to Scotland. (+4)
  • Car towed due to street cleaning. (-3)
  • Towing company refers to SUV as "minivan". (-3)

Quality of Life: (-20)

Go-Go 2008...

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Fraske Designs said...

i was legitimately physically scared for you and your potential gluten allergy for all of one line until i read that you were in the clear. even.

lets go for a joyride in your minivan sometime.