Friday, May 09, 2008

The Friday Music Special

Five tracks currently firing me up:

"Oxford Comma", Vampire Weekend
Infectious, like most of their album. This track takes the proverbial cake. Listen here.

"Requiem For A Dying Song", Flogging Molly
I suppose this is not the title track from the new album, but it reminds me of The Warped Tour & makes me tingle in just the right spots. (listen to a live version here)

"I Shall Overcome", Hard-Fi
I've been a fan of Hard-Fi for a long time. They've never really 'broken out', stateside & that's a bit disappointing. This track is the cream atop their latest offering. (listen here)

"Naive", The Kooks
Ok. I'll admit, I first heard The Kooks on The OC, but Seaside...err...aside, these guys are a pop class act. (listen here)

"Machete", DJ Hazard
The lyrics say it all. Please just listen to it, and tell me it doesn't sound like the movie trailer voice over guy reading an old Bruce Lee script over a slick DNB track.


Super Sexy Secret Song: 
"Freakbeat Phantom", by The Rascals
Reminds me of a Beck baseline. Oh, and the absolute filthiest intro.

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