Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now Is The [Hour] Of [my punching you in the neck]

So this morning I got to work almost on time. By 8:15 I had actually read through most of my email, and felt generally in-the-know about Tuesday.

Then my inbox turned bold. An email had arrived from one of my favorite people. In the message, which was copied to several others (some I know, some I don't), was a public call-out.

Far be it from me to claim that nothing ever slips my mind - in fact I've left the house sans footwear on several occasions - but when I do something, I typically am certain that I've done it. Let's call "it", "X". The email Sender suggested to everyone copied on the message that I hadn't done "X", when in fact I had, to the Sender's precise specifications. However, the Sender, being a petulant ass-hat, decided that "X"s outcome wasn't what was truly desired. I have the pleasure of bearing the brunt of the discontent. 

To all of this, I say (emphatically): "Aargh..."

So now is the hour. Fists at the ready.

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