Saturday, September 09, 2006

Robotic Frisbees of Death!

Purse snatchers and guerilla warriors beware, we've got your number(s).

Claiming to have the answer to those hard-to-fit-a-tank-through-the-front-door situations, defense reports that the U.S. Air Force is developing a new tactically advantageous weapon: frisbees that shoot to kill.

"The 3-D maneuverability of the Frisbee-UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] will provide revolutionary tactical access and lethality against hostiles hiding in upper story locations and/or defiladed behind obstacles," says Triton Systems, the Chelmsford, MA company tapped to develop the new weapon.

But this is nothing new. A bunch of Norwegian Trekkies were talking about this back in 2002, claiming to have modeled their "disc-shaped spyplane" after the design of Star Trek's USS Enterprise.

Heck, in the 90s even The Pentagon thought it was a good idea to strap little flying carp...err...saucers to soldiers' backs.

Dude. As long as I can get one of these for Ultimate Frisbee games - I'm golden.

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