Thursday, September 21, 2006

News worth noting...kinda

It's that time of the week again, and so let's turn our attention to other parts of the world - where much more interesting stuff than the Massachusetts primary is happening.

"Man bites panda but comes off worse for wear"
A drunken tourist hailing from Henan province was visiting the Beijing Zoo recently and after 4 pitchers of whatever passes for beer over there, decided to jump into a panda enclosure to give the little bugger a hug. The six year old panda, unamused and uninviting, proceeded to bite the man's leg. The action went like this: panda bites man's leg, man kicks panda, panda bites man's other leg, man bites panda, man has to go to hospital and explain why there's panda-fir stuck between his teeth. Wow.

"Pyjama patience wearing thin"

According to a recent poll in Shanghai one of the most irritating aspects of city life is having to suffer people wearing pyjamas in public. More than 16% of respondents claim that they or their family members wear their pyjamas out and about quite often - while 25% do it sometimes. Pyjama wearing was joined by aggressive pets and unhelpful neighbors on the list of irritants.

"Burglur takes taxi for robbery"
"A cabbie was asked to keep his meter running while his fare burgled a house in a Cardiff suburb, police said yesterday. The driver became suspicious when his customer emerged carrying a stereo system." 'nuff said

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