Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quality of Life Index, April 22

People that ride their bikes on the sidewalk. (-3)

I swear. If one of you ass-hats either bumps into my one good leg, my one bad leg, my cane, or runs over my Nikes one more time, I will jam my exact replica Dr. Gregory House walking stick through your spokes and make you flip the frak over, you stupid stupid silly little people. (even)

Odds that I'll get bumped by one of the aforementioned ass-hats, later today. (even)

Department-wide lunch at work, free food. (+2)

Department-wide lunch at work, having to sit through it. (-1)

Department-wide lunch at work, overall. (+1)

Lost Season 5's continued ante-upping - including, but not limited to, the best episode title since "?": "Some Like It Hoth". Frakkin' fantastico. (+4)

Two uses of 'frak' in this post, thus far. (+2)

I heart Scrubs. There. I said it. (even)

Frak. (+1)

This Week's Total: (+6)
Last Week's Total: (-1)

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Fraske Designs said...

frak is like fraske only not as cool.