Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quality of Life Index, July 2

Michael Turner passes away. Stylized comic book art loses a great talent, taken long before his time. (-10)

Ordered new coffee from Maui. It is (un)ironically named "Maui Coffee". Drink it black - because it tastes good like that. (+4)

Office suite-mate out for two weeks of vacation. I now sit in a big glass fishbowl, alone, and have neither tasks nor conversation reflective of my needs. (-6)

"Street Cleaning" going on outside my window. Sounds more like the noises the smoke monster makes on Lost - that is, metal scraping metal on a truck driving over broken glass while the driver runs his Freddy Krueger-like digits down a chalkboard of death. (-5)

Decision made not to move, at least until that job offer on Maui comes through. (even)

Eight days remaining before departure on Scottish Getaway 2008. (+3)

This Week's Total: (-9)
Last Week's Total: (+6)

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