Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Music Special, July 25

"Pjanoo" - Eric Prydz
Yes. The same Eric Prydz that brought us the greatest music video of all time, with "Call On Me". Back now with a slick beat that earned Zane's "Hottest Record In The World", a few days back. So actually, it's already passé.

"Last Request" - Paolo Nutini
This song will forever remind me of Scotland, simply because it was the last song playing on the last night, as we walked out of the last pub in Fort William.

"What's Your Problem ?" - The Zutons
A simple question. A catchy riff. A song that will stick in your head like warm ramen-filled water balloons to car windshields. 

"Basement Party" - The Cool Kids
It sounds exactly like you think it's going to. This is probably what DJ Jazzy Jeff was like in junior high. This is especially what DJ Jazzy Jeff would have been like if he had gone to junior high with Kid 'n Play.

"Gamma Ray" - Beck
New Beck is like old Beck. Good. Though Mr. Beck is starting to look like that dude from Blind Melon. That was a dude, right?

The Back Slap:
"Gold Rush" - Danny Byrd feat. Brookes Brothers
We started with dance. We'll end it with dance. Go forth and groove

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