Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Big Dig Explained

For those readers not in the Greater Boston area, let me preface what you're about to watch with this: The "Big Dig" aka the Biggest clusterfuck in the history of urban planning and construction has, since breaking ground in 1989, endeavored to alleviate the insane amount of traffic in downtown Boston by, among other things, burying I-93 under the city's streets.

Also included in the Big Shit-Show were the re-routing of highway on and off ramps, the construction of new tunnels to get TO the highway (which are never actually open, because there's always work being done), and an all around steady increase in the collective frustration with whatever nutjob figured that since the mafia had fallen on hard times - now would be a good time to help them back on to their feet with some lucrative construction contracts.

Christy Mihos, the "independent" candidate for governor in Massachusetts had this to say:

See you in the funny pages...

*The Rebel Yell does not endorse Christy Mihos for Governor, nor do we endorse proposed legislation that would prohibit the placing of squirrels down one's pants for the purposes of gambling. We do however support cock-fighting, nutella, and slap-happy jockeying.

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