Monday, September 22, 2008

So Late In Getting To It...

Someone turned me on to The Wire, recently. Holy shit. Have I really been missing out on something this good, for so long? Well, no longer. I plowed through Season 1 over this past weekend, and will follow suit with the rest in the coming weeks. Until then - if you're one of the folks that's been watching this all along - no spoilers, please. If not, go buy Season 1 and catch up.

Like an anti-Law & Order, this show hooked me after the first five minutes (thanks in no small part to the theme song). I'll confess to having difficulty taking Dominic West absolutely seriously, especially after Rock Star, but he cleans up in this show.


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CyndiS said...

The Wire rocks and at least was around for 5 or 6 seasons. I recently discovered Deadwood, which was cut short because the writers wanted to make John from Cincinatti instead. (which was quirky, but enjoyable, and incidentally cancelled after 1 season) and Dead Like Me, which has Mady Pitankin (whom I love) and was a cool concept, but alas, cancelled long ago as well.

Day late and a dollar short we seem to be.