Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Music Special, September 12

"Dream On" - Christian Falk feat. Robyn
Robyn's in true form, here. Falk's beat is slick enough that you can listen to this in the background of just about any activity. All hail euro-____.

"I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy
They're almost back to being not total shit. Almost.

"American Dream" - Jakatta
Quite possibly the best use of a soundtrack sample ever. Video is right the fuck on.

"The Racing Rats" - Editors
I have no idea why I like Editors - but I do. There is nothing new going on. There is no sonic revolution the likes of which have ne'er been heard before. But there is music. In my head - catchy as shit - music.

"Away From Here" - The Enemy
I've got a low down dirty feeling that I may have already posted this - but here it is. Probably my favorite track here this week. Give a listen (or another...)

The House Party Dance Off
Snap. You definitely did not see this coming. Thanks to Batch for the reminder.

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