Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Music Special, June 6

"Let's Dance To Joy Division" - The Wombats
Great UK pop. Now free on iTunes. Go and get it now, before it sells out.

"The Rip" - Portishead
Beth Gibbons' voice may be starting to waver a bit, but this track reeks of classic Portishead. Drive down the highway in slow motion & give this a listen.

"You Give Me Something" - James Morrison
Morrison is not be the second coming of Elliot Smith, but as UK singer-songwriters go, he's not all bad. Light vocals & acoustic guitar make for a pretty chill track, great to ignore while reading something brilliant.

"You And Me Song" - The Wannadies
Toby Maguire should have this playing behind him at all times. And if not him, then how about Jake Gyllenhaal?

"Brainstorm" - Arctic Monkeys
Press play. Turn it up. Rinse. Repeat.


"Leggy Blonde" - Flight Of The Conchords (featuring Murray)
Without a doubt the funniest show around, right now. This track features guest vocals by the band's manager extraordinaire. 

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