Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Music Special, June 20

"Re-Rewind" - Artful Dodger, featuring Craig David
A throwback from a little while back. Craig David's greatest work was definitely with the original Artful Dodger lineup.

"Woman Trouble" - Artful Dodger, featuring Robbie Craig
What's that? I can't have two tracks from the same track-layer? I say thee nay. Two-step is just that good.

"Ace Of Spades" - Motorhead
Possibly the best example of blatant bad-assery to assert itself in the past several years. And yes, the possible (un)irony of this track preceding the next, is not lost.
Wonderful use of spandex, primal example of guitar heroics, astonishingly catchy - what more do you want from kitschy UK pop?
Sometimes the right sample and the right rapper combine for magically tasty and delicious excellence. This is one of those times. Try not to tap your foot and bob your head.

Special Sauce:
"Summer Madness" - Kool & The Gang
Long before DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince moderately butchered this track, folks were rolling back convertible tops, and leaning way back in car seats, while this played.

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