Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Music Special

If Paul McCartney was the lead singer of Jet - the band would be called The Fratellis.

Hailing from Scotland, stealing the Ramones' last name gimmick, and playing with just enough distortion to make you certain you're listening to Brit-Rock (or would it be Scot-Rock?), these guys have composed a stellar album with "Costello Music". Download it now.

Other notes:

  • The band's name has nothing to do with the Goonies.

  • I'm sorry I missed the album release party in Picadilly Circus, because I bet it was bitchin'.

  • Their song "Flathead" is the tune in that new iPod commercial.

  • I'm really liking these Sunday morning music/tv/movie posts. I'll likely keep these up. Cool?

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