Friday, February 23, 2007

Say Goodbye to The O.

Last night The O.C. bid farewell to us all. What follows goes out to the intangible that was.

Goodbye Sandy Cohen. I use that name because I scarcely ever noticed Peter Gallagher on screen. You were the coolest TV dad since Cosby. Really. Your morning surf outings followed by eyebrows-of-power pep talks will be sorely missed.

Goodbye Kelly Rowan. You made Kirsten the Claire to Sandy's Cliff. So much so that I'm willing to forget that whole Jeri Ryan thing.

Goodbye Ben McKenzie. You started to really go for the mini-Russel Crowe thing this year. That was cool. But dude, you didn't look like a teenager at all. And you didn't punch enough people.

Goodbye Adam Brody. There's a little Seth Cohen in most of us, and you made him resonate with that little bit all the way across the board.

Goodbye Rachel Bilson. You played Summer as the quintessential O.C. girl (something I somehow doubt was that big a stretch) - and we loved you for it. PS - The Last Kiss kicked ass.

Goodbye Autumn Reeser. You made it oh so simple to forget about Skeletor and her never ending whine-fest. Or drug use. Or eating disorder. Or whatever Barton felt like indulging in that week (yes I realize the writers are to blame, too - but past season one she really was just testing me).

Goodbye Willa Holland. Not nearly enough screen time.

Finally, goodbye Melinda Clarke. I love you. No other actress could have made that character as hot or as cool. Cheers.

See you in the funny pages...

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JennyK said...

I wonder whether someone wrote the same thing in 2000 when 90210 ended.