Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blue tights. Red cape. Minivan?

Ok folks. Here it is. It’s the moment both of you have been waiting for.

I saw it last night, and I’ve got to tell you…”eh”.

Not that I didn’t love the homage so respectfully paid to Christopher Reeve. Not that I didn’t get positively giddy at the sight of Brandon Routh flying through the skies above Metropolis. Not that I didn’t adore every second of this film --- but still, I say “eh”.

Part of me wants to write an entry entitled “Who the Hell Does Bryan Singer think he is?!” Another part of me wants to pat him on the back and say “Well done. I’m glad it was you and not some chump who doesn’t get why making this film is bigger than anything they’ve ever done.” And then there’s the part of me that just wants to change my shorts, because I just watched a guy in tights grab hold of a plane, land it in a field – and then get stuck in a revolving door because he can’t figure out how to talk to a girl.

I’m trying not to give too much away, and so I think I’ll just leave you with this. As far as thumbs go, right now it’s one up & one halfway (though if I tell myself the piano just slipped across the floor because the boat tipped – it’s two thumbs up, up and away).

Nope, I'll be standing by my “eh” (An esteemed fanboy-colleague of mine thinks that after another day of thought, I’ll change my tune – but I’m not so certain.), and until that changes – love for all things Superman aside – I pose the following question to all of you who’ve seen the film: “If he wasn’t in it, would the story have really suffered?” (go to the cineplex, see the thing, and then respond).

See you in the funny pages…

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Van K said...

How much child support do you think Superman has to pay? (Answer: None. Superman doesn't have a child. Lois Lane has a child. One who got extremely lucky when the boat tipped and the piano rolled into Thug #3.)