Thursday, June 22, 2006

All you see is Blog...

I recently heard (from a very trustworthy source) that a man's laptop attacked him during a conference. No, really. The laptop attacked him.

What the hell does this have to do with The Rebel Yell, you ask? Not a whole lot. But c'mon, a laptop exploded on some guy, and I'm not going to point that out?

In other news. Check out the updated home page for some new comic reviews, and stay tuned for more content to come. Since being laid off I've finally found the time needed to bring the most important news from across the globe together, and get it to you in the sleekest, sexiest way I can --- through my website (?)

Keep checking back for the upcoming photo and video sections of the site - including the Montreal Nergileh Competition (now banned in 36 states!) & as well as regularly updated reviews of your favorite films, shows, and comics.

See you in the funny pages...

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