Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Music Special, November 7

"Impatience" (acoustic version) - We Are Scientists
Besides being a great tune (it's got the whole 'should be on a soundtrack' thing down pretty pitch perfect), the video linked to features Edith, who is back.

"Dirty Blue Jeans" - Jeremy Warmsley
It's like a song sung in morse code. And a video to match.

"Say Aha" - Santogold
I can't help but think that if Shirley Bassey had been born in the eighties, this is the kind of music she'd be making right now. Though inevitably, this song will end up trying to sell me a Volkswagon/get me to shop at Target. Either way, kudos.

"Greatest Day" - Take That
Haven't heard much of these guys for a bit, but they seem to be back on the musical wagon. Good stuff. Even if it sounds like a CW commercial. Could also do well as one of those kick-ass HBO montages of old. Good stuff.

"Into My Arms" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Sometimes a video tries to be far to 'artsy'. Sometimes it's not got enough of the 'artsy'. And sometimes the level of 'artsy' is just right. The category to which this song's video shall fall is for better heads than mine to determine. I just like the tune. Though I would love to hear a Blind Boys of Alabama cover of it, too.

"P.A.T.T." - Sharam
Best in context.

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