Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Music Special, November 21

"Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do" - Goldie Lookin' Chain
The illest, slickest, most rickity-rickity-rollin' track EVER. Ok, not really. Still - good stuff, here.

"Do It Like A Truck" - Geo DaSilva
Like a truck. Yes. He does it just like a truck. Right up through the crash and burn part.

"Same Jeans" - The View
An anti-laundry anthem for the ages. Well played, Sirs.

"I'm Outta Time" - Oasis
Which one is dressed up like the Amish guy, Liam or Noel? Wait. Hold on. They're the same person? Like Charlize Theron and Ashley Judd, right?

"Sometime Around Midnight" - The Airborne Toxic Event
Absotively my favorite track on this week's list.

"Chacaron" - Andy's Val Gourmet
Oldie. Goodie Classic.

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