Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quality of Life Index, October 15

Tim Wakefield, last night. (-5)

Tim Wakefield, in general (+3)

3 more weeks of nonsensical political interest, on the part of ass-hats that would rather be watching "Dancing With The Stars" (-2)

No. Really. I can't wait for this whole election thing to be over. (even)

The new Macbook Pro does not support Blu-Ray. For shame, Apple. I'll wait on the upgrade until such time as I can watch 1080p video on my laptop, even though I've only once in the past seven years actually watched a DVD on my laptop. It's like the midwest. I don't really care all that much - I just like knowing that it's there as insulation from LA. (-3)

The Dark Knight being re-released in January. Warner Brothers is shamelessly trying to beat out Titanic as the highest grossing flick of all time. (+3)

Christopher Nolan's one-finger salute to James Cameron. (+3)

Terence Howard out of Iron Man 2. (+2)

Don Cheadle, in to replace him. (+5)

This Week's Total: (+6)
Last Week's Total: (+15)


Lex said...

Don Cheadle is the best.

Dinah-Moe said...

Insulation from LA...good point.
While this doesn't completely dissolve my dislike for square states, it does give me a slightly greater appreciation for them.