Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Office "Ha-Ha" Moment

Ok. My office has a large glass wall. In the middle of the glass wall is a glass door. To enter the office, push down on the door's handle, and then PUSH. This being case, when someone walks up and PULLS the door (this happens at least once a week), I have to duck under my desk and laugh.

The most recent offender did not stop at just PULL, though. She pulled, and pulled, and pulled. Three people inside the office repeatedly said things like "It's a push.", and "Push." and "Push it.". This prompted me to lose virtually all composure AND come dangerously close to breaking into a little Salt N' Pepa. And yes - you CAN hear through the big glass wall. After about thirty seconds, she actually started to walk away. One of us had to go and open the door for her, and explain the whole concept of PUSH/PULL.

Ah - the joys of an office life.

The video bonus you totally saw coming:

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