Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Music Special, October 24

"He Doesn't Know Why" - Fleet Foxes
This song sounds like a sampled Christmas carol, but like one you can sing all year round and not feel like a tool for tapping your foot to.

"My Mistakes Were Made For You" - The Last Shadow Puppets
A few months back, I spoke highly of The Rascal's slick-as-shit intro to "Freakbeat Phantom". In the same way, I dig this track.

"Gasoline" - The Airborne Toxic Event
Really? A track this good from the Fifa '09 soundtrack? Well. Ok, then.

"The Blue Route" - The Walkmen
If you like The Walkmen, then you will like this song. Beyond that, there's not discernible reason to even listen to it. Unless you want to get to like The Walkmen. Then I suppose there would be at least one discernible reason to listen to it. But just the one.

"Tear You Down" - Brookes Brothers
Just a simple and effective dance beat.

"Like Suicide" (acoustic) - Soundgarden
Besides having one of the best band names ever (even if it's a ripoff). Besides being fronted by the single most relevant voice in rock since Elvis. Since Axl. Besides being on the soundtrack to the only Bridget Fonda movie I've seen that isn't "Kiss of The Dragon". Besides all that, this track kick more ass than most anything else.

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