Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Music Special, December 12

"Everybody" - Rudenko
Easily the best dance track I've heard in months, from one of the slickest spinsters currently spinning.

"Sex On Fire" - Alesha Dixon
Indeed, a cover of the Kings of Leon tune from a few weeks back. This is thrice as good as her own stuff.

"The Party" - Justice
While it reminds one of Shiny Toy Guns, it also makes me tap my footsies - which is a good good thang.

"Gifted" - Kanye West (Feat. N.A.S.A., Santogold & Lykke Li)
While I'm not the biggest hip-hop fan, I know what I like. And for my money - Kanye West has been steadily bringing it for a while now. I just wish I could get him to shut the fuck up when he's OFF the mic.

"Please Come Back Home" - Glasvegas
Here's a classic example of a band whose record I could not listen to from start to finish - but love to hear one track at a time. Fantastico.

Not So Wayback, Still A Flashback:
"Rock With You" - Michael Jackson
If you don't get up and start moving to this track - you are a Stan Winston extra from Thriller. For real.

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