Friday, June 29, 2007

Blind(sided) by the light

Driving home last night I came upon a new Comcast billboard, viewable from the northbound side of I-95, just before exit 40. The billboard read:

"Don't be blinded by the light." Comcast

That all she wrote. No more detail offered. So how freaking cool is that?

In case you're wondering why I'm so jazzed about a billboard for broadband internet service, it's because of what that one little detail-less sentence says about us of the internet.

The line refers to Verizon's FIoS offering (which if you're still not following is internet access - among other services - delivered via fiber optic cable piped into your home). The cool thing about the Comcast billboard is that it assumes enough people know what fiber optic is, who's offering it, and what those offering it say that it does - to warrant placing the ad on a highway sign.

We of the internet should be damn proud of this accomplishment. The net, and the ways we access it, have hit (wait for it...) lexicographical paydirt. Translation - we get shit like the billboard.

Sure, there are plenty of people who likely drive by the sucker and go "Yah. Manfred Mann was the shit." And still others that go by smiling to themselves because they own "Greetings from Asbury Park N.J." (google it). But the joke is, like, totally on them.

See you in the funny pages...


Anonymous said...

That is a very cool billboard in my opinion. Those commercials with the little boy spouting off a bunch of techno-babble things that even the average adult wouldn't understand is stupid.

Mrs. Esterhouse

Anonymous said...

I drive I-95 every day and also saw this billboard. But unlike you guys I'm not so thrilled about content of this ad.
Being a Comcast customer for more than 7 years I have plenty to say about it's cable and internet service. If the technical side mostly is not the issue, Comcast pricing practices are really annoying me.
Prices for internet bandwidth steadily declined over the years but my bill getting heavier. And the problem is - there's no alternative: I don't have land line phone for DSL and can't install dish
So I welcome with open arms another player in media market who can deliver to me same product and therefore lower the prices.
Monopoly is never healthy for consumer and I hope some day FIOS will be available in my area. My eyes will withstand the light, I'm sure about that.

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