Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quality of Life Index, July 21, 2010

The timelessness of The Bard. (+5)

Bardolatry and its discontents. (a phrase I've totally co-opted from a lecture series I heard last Spring) (-2)

Shakespeare, still up by 2. (even)

Music of Trevor Morris, latest in a series of soundtracks I've been listening to as I read. (+2)

Will I finally see Inception in IMAX tomorrow? (even)

Crutches, still... (-1)

Dude. Alison Haislip did a scotch tasting. For really real. (+2)

Same scotch tasting had the gall to include Dewar's White Label in the flight. For Shame. #BlargFail (-1)

I may actually get an iPad 'cause of this. Well...that, and I found what looks like a semi-easy way to convert Kindle content to iBooks. Shazam. (+1)

This week's total: (+6)
Last week's total: (0)

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