Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Music Special, February 5, 2010

"The Ol' Beggar's Bush" - Flogging Molly

At their usual pace, their usual charm, and their unendingly awesome style. Yes, I like The Pogues more, and understand why I should - but after all this time, Flogging Molly still makes me dinky stinky, and that's the key to a long-lasting relationship, right?

"Kinda Kinky" - Ursula 1000

I owe my discovery of this total crap-track (toe-tap worthy as it is) to the website of a dive-bar in Mission Hill. For the record, if you don't serve whisky, consider rebranding yourself as a cafe.

"Someone Like You" - Safetysuit

I don't really understand why these guys aren't more popular. They're certainly head-and-shoulders above much of the swimming-with-owls-and-dolphins-city nonsense that's out there right now, and seem fairly musically coherent. Kudos?

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