Sunday, January 28, 2007

"A Season of Faith's Perfection"

What follows is a Sunday morning reflection upon those items filling my DVR with goodness, gracious goodness:

Prison Break: Please don't linger too long. You already broke, so why are you still breaking?

24: Jack is back. Too bad it took a nuclear explosion in LA to get his attention. BTW, Dude - you look really good for having been in a Chinese prison since season 5. PS - your brother is a dick.

Heroes: I'll admit it - I've jumped on this bandwagon. Indestructible cheerleaders, flying politicians, and an aptly named Japanese guy with a katana? Count me in.

Desperate Housewives: What? Like YOU don't watch it...

Grey's Anatomy: Enough with the break up and make up. Can we just get back to Alan Heinberg playing Mamet for twenty-somethings?

Lost: Like watching Dane Cook do drama. Give us a freaking punchline already! See "Prison Break".

Battlestar Gallactica: Everyone just shut up and take notice. This is the most wisely scripted series on TV right now. If you disagree, you're wrong. If you don't think that James Callis is playing sci-fi Hamlet - still wrong - but I'm willing to debate.

The O.C.: So after airing the most light-hearted, and dare i say "funny" episodes since season 1 - the show gets cancelled? Hey Fox, get your heads out of your asses - if you add another episode of "Dancing With The Animals That Attack American Idol, with your host Rupert Murdoch" into your Thursday night lineup, I swear I'll never watch your network again. You do remember that Family Guy debacle, yes?

Smallville: Ok. I'm biased here. Jeph Loeb left, and the cheese factor went into overdrive - but that doesn't mean I don't love it. Just don't try "Smallville: The College Years" again. Also, See "Prison Break".

Rome: Why? Why are you ending after this season? We just got to know each other, and ya - I miss Ciaran Hinds as the most brooding Caesar ever, too - but please, please stay a while longer? 'Cause baby, it's cold outside...

The Shield: Come back. Now.

The Sopranos: Come back. Then end. Please.

The Superbowl: Bears defense VS Peyton Manning. I'm from New England, and even I'm excited about this. Yes, I realize this one isn't hogging up hard drive space - but it had to be thrown out there...

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JennyK said...

this is why you should write more often.

"literally, in book form"