Thursday, January 19, 2006

Enter: The Rebel Yell

So, Hey there Beautiful...

So this is what it's all about - the blog, the bitchfest, the thing that everyone's talking about. This is my first foray, and the intention is certainly to keep you at the edge of the proverbial seat.

What's the point, you ask? I'm here to piss, moan, complain and generally just communicate all the craziness that swims around my melon on any given day.

So what's it today? It's freakin King Kong. What the hell is wrong with the people that made this movie? Ok, Mr. Jackson - yes, you're a bloody genius, and The Lord of The Rings films were fantastic...but what the heck were you thinking with the first 65 minutes of that movie?!? No big ape. No action. Great, we get it. It's a love story, not an action flick. But comeon...if you can find me ten people that went into that flick and got what they expected...I'll retract my entire argument...

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